Houston, we have #cucumbers!

My brother, savior of saviors, drove me to a very nice Asian (with a splash of middle eastern) supermarket. They carried literally everything you could think of, frozen squid the size of my head, frozen fish of every type, every noodle required for anything, rice paper, dried seaweed, and tea of every variety and style (I bought Jasmine Green Tea). But more importantly, they had … Continue reading Houston, we have #cucumbers!

Just a few days ’til sproutage!

When the packet says it takes up to 10 days, it takes up to 10 days. The plants in the picture there are not mine. I’m getting impatient like we all are when we’re watching for sprouts. There are some African Sumac seedlings come up, which really threw me for a loop because I was so excited to see the tiny cucumber seedlings. But alas, … Continue reading Just a few days ’til sproutage!

Sowing Locally Cultivated Cucumber Seeds

Sowing locally cultivated cucumber seeds

It’s finally time!! Last year my family bought three big blue buckets to plant in. We drilled holes in the bottom and planted winter greens, peas, radishes, and potatoes. This year it’s cucumbers, tomatoes, and a nice sized gourd of some type. I’m using a whole blue tub dedicated to a local variety of cucumbers bought from Native Seeds/SEARCH here in Tucson. They’ve been grown … Continue reading Sowing locally cultivated cucumber seeds

A review of my last batch

  I’m sitting with my laptop, pickles in a small cup next to me. Testing the aftertaste is something we absolutely have to tolerate in order to perfect our recipes. I’m in heaven. Actually, I’m trying to decide whether these cucumbers were past their prime or not. I think the answer is yes. My most trusted adviser, my brother, thought the same when I asked … Continue reading A review of my last batch