A review of my last batch


I’m sitting with my laptop, pickles in a small cup next to me. Testing the aftertaste is something we absolutely have to tolerate in order to perfect our recipes. I’m in heaven. Actually, I’m trying to decide whether these cucumbers were past their prime or not. I think the answer is yes. My most trusted adviser, my brother, thought the same when I asked this morning. I know what the problem is too.


We must do whatever we can to survive the winter. So using long, narrow, hot-house-type salad-style cucumbers from the grocery store isn’t a bad thing!


Spears are some of my favorite cuts to eat, so all in all, not a bad option for me. If you see a white bubbly substance on them, this is how you know they are a little past due. I say “a little” because “a lot” would have looked much worse. If you see this type of thing, don’t bother using them for pickles. You can rinse them and eat them as is or in a salad as long as you don’t mind the change in flavor. Fresh, crisp cucumbers are the only way you’ll get the quality pickle you’re looking for.


Don’t forget the other option for post-ripe vegetables, the compost pile.


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