What’s The Plan? V.2015

I’m getting very excited to plant cucumbers soon. It was 73F today and by the end of the week it should be about 78F. We had three weeks of 70-75F weather that I’d like to call Spring. Since today is the official start of it, Happy Spring!! Here’s what I’ll be planting:

Local Tucson area-optimized pickling cucumber seed

There are a few other food plants I’m taking care of, a pumpkin, chiltepin (HOT!), and a cherry tomato. All of these started up themselves. I personally saved the pumpkin from the compost bin, where it started. The tomato sprouted where it is now, and the chiltepin had sprouted in a small pot full of potting soil. I transplanted the chiltepin because they need a large area of soil for their roots to spread. A transplant didn’t work on our original plant, even though it was suggested that they can withstand a bare-root planting as with roses. Oh well, there are two whole plants now!

I’ll post separately about all the rest of my non-food plants.


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