Houston, we have #cucumbers!

My brother, savior of saviors, drove me to a very nice Asian (with a splash of middle eastern) supermarket. They carried literally everything you could think of, frozen squid the size of my head, frozen fish of every type, every noodle required for anything, rice paper, dried seaweed, and tea of every variety and style (I bought Jasmine Green Tea). But more importantly, they had Kirby cucumbers, which I had never used for pickles. More exciting: I wrote up a recipe!

But that’s not the most exciting thing!!

2015-03-30 09.20.27We have lift-off!! The pickling cucumbers have emerged and in a few days the true leaves will sprout out. These here are the sugar-filled energy-harvesting first leaves. I really hate to have to thin them out. Now we’re only waiting for the nasturtiums, of which I planted FAR too many. Ten probably. The one I planted in the center of the bucket is coming out for sure. Too bad. Call in the transplant team!





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