Assassin Bugs are a big help!

I have protection! I’ve been super worried about aphids running the gambit around my cucumbers (and watermelon). However, I took a picture and had it checked to see if my ID was right. *Drumrollllll* Meet the Assassin Bug!  This one is on a watermelon leaf, my other favorite plant! I’ll be doing a big post about what they protect against. But maybe this is the … Continue reading Assassin Bugs are a big help!

Café Passé in Tucson has a good pickle!

Now it’s not clear whether they make them in house or not, but I can tell you that it was unlike any I’d tasted!  There it is in the middle. About 8 inches long, small to non-existent seeds, and spicy. I need to work on being able to identify flavors because I’d have a better time explaining it. I’ll do my best anyway! These were … Continue reading Café Passé in Tucson has a good pickle!

Bucked the plucking trend

Supposedly I should have waited for the cucumbers to get three inches tall before thinning. I bucked that trend and pulled them already. They all look good! Still not sure which nasturtiums to pluck out. The one in the middle (pictured) for sure since they get so big. Next is letting them grow out and making them trail the tomato cage. Assuming they grow healthily … Continue reading Bucked the plucking trend

Nasturtiums are up, and cucumber need thinning

Oh boy.. The dreaded thinning event. I’ve already started because a few seeds came up that I knew weren’t healthy so I plucked those early. There are 7 healthy plants out of the 9 seeds that I planted. So now I’ll just let them grow and see which sprout leaves faster, and pluck the rest. I need to get a picture of the nasturtium to … Continue reading Nasturtiums are up, and cucumber need thinning