Café Passé in Tucson has a good pickle!

Now it’s not clear whether they make them in house or not, but I can tell you that it was unlike any I’d tasted!

 There it is in the middle. About 8 inches long, small to non-existent seeds, and spicy. I need to work on being able to identify flavors because I’d have a better time explaining it. I’ll do my best anyway!

These were not traditional spices. The main spice was woody. It was over all traditionally tangy (obviously), meaning it had a vinegar base. Not overly salty, and it had a fairly straight forward spice to it that meant red pepper was used. I didn’t taste any peppercorns. I would have tasted that, my last personal batch had way too many of those.

The people I was there with suggested the vegetable looked like a squash or zucchini, and I felt the texture was off, so I trust them. There are so many determining factors that go into texture that I’m now reconsidering that side of my own recipes.

The rest of what you see is a BLT, nothing unusual about that, but the salad had chopped basil in it. Peppery greens made it VERY delicious, I think I’ll add that to my salads more often (authors note: nasturtiums works well in salads).

It was also unseasonably cold today, so afterwards we went and had a big cup of tea.



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