A taste of Nasturtium

So I decided to cut old “leaf” material off the cucumbers so they’d have more energy to put into vertical growth.

Next, because there are a l0t of leaves on the nasturtiums, I decided to have a bite!

They’ve got a flavor all their own I think, but I might be tasting a conglomeration of a few other specific veggies in the flavor of this leaf. Still, I’d add it AND basil (maybe lemon basil??) to a salad. No questions asked.

Is there such a thing as lemon basil? Maybe sort of a chocolate mint type of thing?




  1. Thank you!!! There are a few tiny cucumbers on the vine now. I thought maybe cutting up the nasturtium might work because both are peppery. That vinaigrette sounds delicious! I’ll have to try and find the lemon basil at the local nursery, there is a nice big one in town. I’ll let you know how the salad works out, there is a good amount of nasturtium at the moment.

    I’ve been neglecting making pickles because of a move. Gonna get back on that horse as quickly as possible! Thank you, thank you, thank you for following along!!!


  2. That is a very polite, diplomatic way of describing them. If they bother you (they bother a lot of people’s tongues, however well-heeled), tearing ’em up for a salad with a milder green might work you. Or pairing them with something even more bitter, like rue leaves, and in a sweetened, caramel-y vinaigrette. And there is definitely a lemon basil: Ocimum x citriodorum. Could do a cool spin on a caprese salad with it, but I’ve never tried.

    Cukes looking good!

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