Making infant dill pickles!

Can you pick cucumbers at only 1 inch long? I figure that would make them infant dills instead of baby dills. Anyway, here’s the future harvest!

  This is the biggest one yet!!

Well these plants look fantastic, with the exception of the lease having these wormlike patterns. Fairly positive it’s a fungus, but it hasn’t been hurting the plant or the yield so far. If it gets very bad I’ll clip a leaf but I haven’t found any that would require that.These are the true babies, and there are a lot of them!! I’ll have to take a cue tip to the flowers – I’m not sure the ants are doing anything for pollination.

On the pickle front I haven’t had the chance to make any since I’ve moved. We’re selling 6 or so cranks per day and I’ve been busy visiting with my good friend before he moves out of the country for good.



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