That’s a spicy pickle!

Happy Summer!!

So, as I said at the end of the Ant/Aphid Connection, I created a micro-batch of pickles from this recipe, the photo is the link:


My tastes have changed since I started and garlic has over-run dill as my favorite type of pickle. I suppose it could be temporary. Anyway, here is what mine look like. Sorry, I ate them before I could take a good picture. This photo is not a link.

2015-06-20 14.00.04

Thanks to a clumsy hand, I spilled brine all over trying to take the picture. This is a reused pickle jar from the store, the gift that keeps on giving. Reuse reuse reuse!!

So what I did was quarter the spice amount but use a full strength brine. Left in the fridge for two days, they ended up spicy enough. The freshness of the cucumbers made them crunchy still, and that spiciness led me to realize that I have never made simple garlic pickles. I’ve always used dill! That is what I’ll do next. I’ve got two or three EMPTY jars around, if only I could find a nearby source of those Kirby cukes.

I see Persian and English cucumbers in the supermarket. Where do you get pickling cucumbers? By mail?


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