Tomorrow is Tasting Day

History: I fermented cucumbers for the first time. Now it’s tasting time. Well tomorrow is. And I have everything I need – medicine for upset stomach, *etc.*, my phone in case I need a medical evacuation, the list goes on. Everything is set. Altan says to wait 6-7 days from the start of fermentation. I waited 5 because the bubbles stopped (his other symptom of … Continue reading Tomorrow is Tasting Day

Mite problems? Ask Twitter!

I have mites. There it’s been said. Twitter really pulled through, too. Knowing nothing about mites and what they can do to your plants, I enlisted the internet. I tweeted the problem yesterday because I couldn’t find a real answer in my online searches. I know what the bug looks like (thanks to a handy pocket microscope) but, with no experience, I was lost. Monique … Continue reading Mite problems? Ask Twitter!