War has been declared.

2015-08-05 18.12.56Those tiny black dots were once aphids. Insecticidal soap is mean stuff! This picture is neat because it looks like oblivion as far as those aphids are concerned. There is an army behind this war, and really, they are the opponent. Ants. Gotta love their enthusiasm. Yesterday I infiltrated their ranks to place a mixture of 1:1 granulated sugar and borax (plus water) near their lines. On my planter, on the ground, near their holes, on the tomato trellis. There are more black dots than live aphids on the vines at this point, and that makes me uneasy. The ants are making the surviving aphid population bounce back too quickly. I’ve already gone over what their relationship looks like here. My sugar/borax and water mixture has only been out two days so far. Maybe day 3 will be their breaking point. They sure as heck can live through a war of attrition!

Hey ants –


It begins. Mwahaha

By the way, lots of new things on the site, have a look around!

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for reading! See you soon!

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