Yes, but what about second gardening season?

These have been growing like weeds this fall, 2015-10-14 17.30.05even threatening to grow up into the trees they grow under. This is the best time of year!! Hopefully they will produce a few before first frost, which is listed as December 1st here.

As soon as these began to flower, aphids and a few ants descended on them. Dr. Bronner’s soap suggests that a few drops of their soap with water should work as an insecticidal soap. I tried this with a 1:1 mixture, which burned the leaves, but it WORKED. Their suggestionshould be a good formula for insecticidal soap. Try it out for yourselves!

2015-10-14 17.31.03I recalled that I still had Nasturtium seed left so I planted the rest of the package in hopes they would help curb the aphids. They are coming up nicely.

Two cucumber plants made it. The third was pulled because it was being overshadowed by the other two. This should be a learning experience for others: grow one plant per container only. They do much better alone.

2015-10-14 17.31.15After the first two pictures, I was beginning to think a new camera would help! The problem was definitely operator error, because check out these blossoms! This should be a productive second season!!


Also, further proof that the camera is not to blame, here is an HD video on the newly created Pickles Of Wisdom YouTube channel! It’s of a caterpillar chomping away at a section of leaf, almost like a leafcutter bee. Take a stab at identification! Butterfly or moth?

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