I’m getting snow for Christmas*

Error 404: Plants Not Found. - Winter Protection Program
This picture brought to you by: The Winter Protection Program

Or at least that is what is being said of this El Niño season. We will get more winter storms dumping rain in late winter, January and February (maybe California snowpack will bounce back!). When it stays on the ground, it coats cars or the tops of brick walls, and it almost always disappears by mid-morning. But we do have the luxury of being able to run out and frolic in the falling snow, experience the quiet it creates, and run back inside to get warm by the fire.imageToday I pulled in plants (I’m the real Winter IMG_3608Protection Program) because the forecast says 42F. For comparison, danger of frost happens at temperatures below 36F. Now everything is under a big umbrella for shelter because who knows where the temps may actually fall. I don’t like that!! What’s worse, there’s only two harvestable cucumbers on the vines!! AHHH!!! I may be in denial. About the snow AND second gardening season.

Is this just Elevensies?

P.S. That, at right, will be my new phone background as of the day after Thanksgiving. But that’s as festive as I’ll get this year. Apart from making delicious coffee beverages.

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