The Ant/Aphid Connection | Pickles Of Wisdom

Don’t Blame The Aphid, Blame The Ants

Is it a conspiracy, ants and aphids working together to destroy all that you have worked for in your garden? You’ll actually find a very diverse and intricate ecosystem in your garden. For instance, last summer I noticed aphids on my watermelon and cucumber plants. Something strange was happening. Since the watermelon was the only plant hit really hard by aphids, a few questions cropped … Continue reading Don’t Blame The Aphid, Blame The Ants

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Grow Guide: Pickling Cucumber

It’s Monday, So Go Plant Cucumbers

Everybody loves a delicious cucumber on salads or pickled. Well, now is the best time to plant. Imagine standing there over your salad, trying to decide what it’s lacking, and realizing you can just go outside and pick a cucumber for it (for the cost of water, seeds, and possibly soil)! STRAP IN FOLKS, this is a long post. Continue reading It’s Monday, So Go Plant Cucumbers

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What’s the Plan? V.2016

There is an interesting story behind my pumpkins this year. A seed grew out of my compost last year, and two gourds grew from it. One formed almost randomly (did not produce seeds), the other was hand-pollinated by me from a carving pumpkin vine I was given from a local woman who is the admin for the largest social media gardening group in Tucson. Continue reading What’s the Plan? V.2016

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