Garden Thought Exercise Challenge


Will this zucchini vine lean to the right (east), left (west), or straight towards you (south)?


Plants easily adapt to changes in their environment. Maybe a tree falls nearby and there is more sun, shade, protection of some kind, in that direction. A plant will slowly move based on their preference in temperature, sunlight, climbing potential, et cetera. Until three days ago, this vine was sitting in full sun, equal amounts in the morning as in the afternoon. It will be watered a bit less now, since shade reduces temperatures by ~15 degrees Fahrenheit (~9.4 degrees Celcius). Which direction do you think this plant will decide to grow once it begins to get larger? Here’s a visual to help you make a decision.

Pickles Of Wisdom Thought Exercise.jpg

The plant will get filtered shade starting at about 11-11:30am, going until sunset. The bottom center of the picture shows where the cloth provides full shade above the line, with full sun below it until about 2pm. On the day of the summer solstice (June 20th) the shade will come to that line, and the sun will slowly move back towards the plant, as the days get shorter as we move into fall.

In around one month I will post the result! Let’s see which of you can accurately predict the result. You can share your prediction in the comments below. Questions welcome!

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