Best Pickling Cucumber Varieties

Which cucumber do you want?

Cucumbers began their domestication 4,400 years ago (2400 BC) in the tropical monsoon climate of India. Studying that climate won’t tell you much, unless you live there and the seed is locally selected for growing success. Seed is selected for success wherever there are dedicated gardeners. If it is grown for generations in a warm and damp area, for example, the next generation of cucumber seed will do comparably poor in a warmer and dryer one. Look for seeds at your local library, some have what is called a “seed catalog”, or find a group of gardeners that would know of a seed stock that might be suitable to your area. These should be your best bet for growing success. If a cucumber is considered a pickling cucumber, it has the characteristics of a stereotypical pickling cucumber. I literally can’t explain it better than this guide.

Cucumber varieties that are good for pickling are:

  • Kerby
  • Persian
  • Japanese cucumbers

Good luck!

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