The Author

IMG_7774_origBrendan Ambrose has a degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Arizona, and is part-owner of Lotech Products LLC. His love of pickles led him to try pickling as a hobby at the beginning of 2015. It compliments a few of his other hobbies; gardening, composting, and (more generally) cooking.

Before he was born, his parents took out their “yarden” in favor of a patch of grass so the children would have room to play. Under the impression he would have enjoyed running around in it as much as he enjoyed having a lawn, his plan is to have a yard full of fruits and vegetables for his own children. He has some VERY fond memories of the backyard his parents created for him and his brother. Chickens laying fresh eggs, raised garden beds, and fruit trees.

Maybe his “yarden” will include a patch of grass as well. It was a fun part of his childhood!

Please enjoy reading Pickles Of Wisdom!

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