Diet change for treating coeliac and gastritis

FIGHT: Gastritis and Coeliac’s Disease

Not to name names, but some of our stomachs don’t like what we feed them. We’re here to talk about our options, and what science has to say about it. Recently there have been calls for research into the affects of a changed diet (gluten free) on symptoms of Lymphocytic gastritis, and considering the theme of this blog, these diseases should be discussed in depth. … Continue reading FIGHT: Gastritis and Coeliac’s Disease


The Trick To Nasturtiums In Zone 9A

In late September, when it looked like the prefect time to grow cucumber plants again, I did the thing. And it looked like the weather would permit nasturtiums to grow inbetween those cucumbers. Let me tell you about these nasturtiums real quick. They sprouted in September/November, grew to a certain size, and just decided to grow reaaaaaally slowly until this spring. So, if you’ve been … Continue reading The Trick To Nasturtiums In Zone 9A

The Ant/Aphid Connection | Pickles Of Wisdom

Don’t Blame The Aphid, Blame The Ants

Is it a conspiracy, ants and aphids working together to destroy all that you have worked for in your garden? You’ll actually find a very diverse and intricate ecosystem in your garden. For instance, last summer I noticed aphids on my watermelon and cucumber plants. Something strange was happening. Since the watermelon was the only plant hit really hard by aphids, a few questions cropped … Continue reading Don’t Blame The Aphid, Blame The Ants