How To Propogate Mint

This is the easiest thing you can do. It’s the perfect activity to do with kids, or if you want a ton of one kind of mint that you love. Sit a minute and learn what it takes, and you’ll be on your way. I guarantee you already have what you need.

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Step One

Get a small bottle, shot glass, or plastic item that can hold water. A clear plastic bottle is a good idea if you’re a teacher and you want the kids to see the roots as soon as they appear!

Step Two

Find a 3 to 5 inch stem of mint. Using scissors, cut it from the plant and strip the leaves off of the majority of the stem. They will get planted below the surface of your soil, and may rot, so it’s better to use them in tea to assure your plants success.

Step Three

Fill your vessel with water and place the mint into it. Make sure it stands up on its own, and place it in a warm, but not hot, window. Be sure to take a bite out of one of the leaves for good luck (optional, and clearly not needed, but FUN).

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Step Four

Wait! In five days you will have a root strong enough to be planted. Show everyone you know because that is the most interesting part of all of this.

Like the Blue Glass Bottle? It’s 2 ounces, and I use them to hold crushed chiltepin or other home-grown spices. You can’t pour too fast, and I think they have these with a dropper lid for if you want to experiment with homemade extracts.

Step Five

Plant it. Mix a soil that is 3 scoops sand, 3 scoops compost, and 3 scoops peat or coconut husk (coco coir). Water it deeply, then dig a hole deep and wide enough to accommodate the roots. Slowly and carefully cover them, and fill the rest of the hole. Lightly tap down the soil and water again. At first its leaves will droop, but this will go away within 12-24 hours. Water again the next day, then skip a day and continue to water every other day for one week. Start a normal watering schedule after that, monitoring for leaf droop, in which case you can water as soon as you notice it.

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Now you have a(nother) beautiful mint plant that you can get enjoyment from for years!

Thank you for reading! Keep taking bites out of that mint, and please share and comment!

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