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Mites(?) in my plants

Help! I have some sort of red mite on my cucumbers, and I have no experience with them. A search says they could be Southern Spider Mites, but those look huge compared to these. They are the tiny reddish dots all over the leaf in the photo. When you look closely, they appear to be mites, but they don’t look like spiders, meaning they shouldn’t … Continue reading Mites(?) in my plants

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Tiny and thick cucumbers

Look at these tiny (2-3 inch) oblong cucumbers! I should have put a ruler here for comparison. It’s getting hotter! It was 103F (39.4C) today, but that’s only because the monsoon rains are cooling off the air. On a normal, dry, sunny day it gets up to 110F, (44.3C) or 100F (37.8C) in the shade, easily. I’m in zone 9, and the end of August … Continue reading Tiny and thick cucumbers

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