What To Do About Mites On Cucumber Vines

I have mites. There it’s been said.

Twitter really pulled through, too. Knowing nothing about mites and what they can do to your plants, I enlisted the internet. I tweeted the problem yesterday because I couldn’t find a real answer in my online searches. Twitter Post Pickles Of WisdomI know what the bug looks like (thanks to a handy pocket microscope) but, with no experience, I was lost. Monique Swann (@Tampaag) rescued me and hopefully my cucumbers! I will be using insecticidal soap to be rid of these pests. It’s non-toxic, and washes away easily. She says that spraying in the evening is best, and to make sure not to burn the leaves, which means that leaving the soap on too long could hurt them. Follow the directions – it’s important. Twitter Mites Quotes Pickles Of WisdomI should add that Corona Tools (@CoronaTools) put me in contact with her. Monique specifically really answered my question thoroughly for only having 140 characters per post. A huge thank you to Monique for the time you put into helping me!!! And to Corona Tools for connecting us! You can see what she said at right.

Now, an update. Those bubbles mean business is happening in that jar. Bubbles mean fermentation!! This being my first time trying this, do you think I’m understandably excited? 2015-07-06 10.23.14The brine smells overwhelmingly of jalapenos and garlic, and they are going to be nice and spicy. Now in a few more days I’ll have a tiny jar of pickles and an insatiable appetite for a fresh supply of HUGE pickling cucumbers. Is it worth the drive? Shall I try a farmers market? I don’t feel bad for the choices I’ll be making.

May your mite problem be fixed.

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