Grow Guide: Pickling Cucumber

It’s Monday, So Go Plant Cucumbers

Everybody loves a delicious cucumber on salads or pickled. Well, now is the best time to plant. Imagine standing there over your salad, trying to decide what it’s lacking, and realizing you can just go outside and pick a cucumber for it (for the cost of water, seeds, and possibly soil)! STRAP IN FOLKS, this is a long post. Continue reading It’s Monday, So Go Plant Cucumbers

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A review of my last batch

  I’m sitting with my laptop, pickles in a small cup next to me. Testing the aftertaste is something we absolutely have to tolerate in order to perfect our recipes. I’m in heaven. Actually, I’m trying to decide whether these cucumbers were past their prime or not. I think the answer is yes. My most trusted adviser, my brother, thought the same when I asked … Continue reading A review of my last batch

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