When cold doesn’t kill

There is a chance of Tucson rain in a few days. The east coast is getting hit with multiple feet of snow, and they get to reap the benefits of the cold. Plants die back and become mulch or decompose to become good soil. There is no such thing in Arizona!

It has gotten to as low as 26F here. Nothing died, except a geranium that was on its way out anyway, but that is it. Actually, the winter rain greens the ground under our trees. Cold can’t touch anything underneath, so we get what appears to be spring-like growth. And you can see that things are definitely spring-like. Nasturtiums that were small and only grew to a mediocre height, never flowering, have taken off. Still no flowers. As soon as the warm weather hits in early spring, they just might start. If you want to put something into the compost you have to pull it out of the ground or cut it back first. These Nasturtiums will be salad fodder in the coming month or two. In early March they’ll have to go in order to make room for cucumber.


Keep a look out for my list of things I’ll be attempting to grow this year!

P.S. That was taken with a new camera, so there will be a ton of new *quality* instagram photos to share.

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