Nasturtiums are up, and cucumber need thinning

Oh boy.. The dreaded thinning event. I’ve already started because a few seeds came up that I knew weren’t healthy so I plucked those early. There are 7 healthy plants out of the 9 seeds that I planted. So now I’ll just let them grow and see which sprout leaves faster, and pluck the rest. I need to get a picture of the nasturtium to put on here, and I’m nowhere near them right now!!


  1. What kinds of pathogens are cucumber seedlings particularly vulnerable to, do you know? Does germinating (and growing, as you are) in a sterile medium improve viability?

    Oh, and I don’t think you said (or, if you did, I don’t remember), which nasturtium varieties did you choose?


    • Hi!! I’m growing in half sterile soil, half vermi-compost. A big way to improve viability is to not plant in the same place year after year (wait two years before planting again). I’ve just been using this website.

      Good question!! I don’t know what variety of nasturtium I have in the ground. I’ll add that into my next blog post. Thank you!


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