Nasturtium seeds are weird! #plants

Nasturtium seeds are so interesting! Large, small, some wrinkly, some smooth, just like peas.

 They look kind of like a woody tasting snack.. should I eat one?





  1. Apart from pesto (toast seeds, oil of your choice, herb of your choice, some nasturtium leaves, a hard cheese if you want, any other seeds, et al), I like to stuff the flowers with an herb-y, lemon-y soft cheese, chill for a few hours, batter in a light and seasoned soda-cornstarch deal, and then fry in peanut oil (or whatever). Just as would squash blossoms.

    Eat one already!

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    • I WILL!! I’ve been thinking of using the nasturtium leaves in place of grape leaves in fermented dill pickles, especially if they are a bit peppery, AND collect the nasturtium seeds to create the pesto you describe here. It sounds delicious. I’m not sure I want to eat the seeds out of the seed packet.


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