PW Update: Tomatoes, Radishes, Pickled Zucchini. And A Honey Thief

Decided to make a really nice jar of pickled zucchini! Half of it is store bought, but the other half, I GREW! Yup, these plants are still producing. When you have rich soldier fly compost, anything is possible! This will be my answer to A Farmgirl’s Dabbles recipe. Recipe coming soon!


Tomatoes on the vine, hope the cold doesn’t get them. Dead-set on making some homegrown spaghetti sauce. Or, maybe I’ll have green tomatoes to fry up. The possibilities end at two!


My radish greens are brightening up the place. I hope dill enjoys mild Arizona winters! To answer my own question: it does. Growing dill isn’t so tough either, you should try it! Don’t mind the doo, btw. It’s a natural part of having a garden!


This bee got into the kitchen through the sky-light JUST as I was adding honey to a pickle brine. Go away bee! This is not yours. I let it go on the condition it brings me a honey tax. Can’t see myself enforcing that.. Please forgive the quality, it was dusk and you don’t hold something captive just to get a photo in good light. See: That baby dolphin that died.


Bee back again soon with a zucchini recipe, stick around!

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