Bucked the plucking trend

Supposedly I should have waited for the cucumbers to get three inches tall before thinning. I bucked that trend and pulled them already. They all look good! Still not sure which nasturtiums to pluck out. The one in the middle (pictured) for sure since they get so big.

2015-04-08 09.20.05Next is letting them grow out and making them trail the tomato cage. Assuming they grow healthily all the way to maturity. Male and female flowers have to bloom at the same time and pollinate each other for fruit to set, so it will be a little while. I’m expecting these to blow up in the near future.

Shout out to weedpullswoman who asked what variety of nasturtiums I planted. The seed packet didn’t say anything except “pearl” nasturtiums. The cucumbers have the scientific name printed on the packet! Tsk tsk nasturtium company. Tsk. Tsk.


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