Video update: Saving cucumbers from frost

We’re getting the first frost of the season tonight. I don’t want it! First, I saved our desert tortoise from it, by upgrading his sleeping quarters. Second, I harvested a MONSTER cucumber, the biggest one I’ve ever grown. Check this out:

To protect the cucumbers, I said I would cover IMG_3633them with a sheet, but I decided to just pull them under the protection of the tree nearby. Here’s the difference between the coverage at the beginning…

Here’s some text to fill out the space between paragraphs so that my photos will show up on the right column of the page. Read on!

…and after I moved them. More coverage, IMG_3634less freezage. If it doesn’t work, I’ll scrap everything and bed it all down either way. I hope to make a video about my method of saving seeds. We will see. Thanks for reading!


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