4 of my all-time favorite pickle recipes and videos

On this, the National Day of Pickles here in the U.S.A, I’m celebrating by compiling a list of my favorite recipes! A few are even videos!

52057fc8fb04d66fda00249f._w.540_s.fit_My current favorite food blog is TheKitchn, and the recipe is fantastic. They LOOK delicious (at right) when they are done, and they are spicy from the red pepper flakes, but oh, with a sandwich.. heaven in a jar. I like to cut them up into pieces for the sandwich, or have a whole one lengthwise on a roll of some sort, but really, the best way is to get a cup and just fill it with like 10 spears. The recipe–>

EA1110_Pickle.jpg.rend.sni12col.landscapeMany people know that I’ve attempted fermented pickles. That did not compare to Alton Brown’s version of fermented pickles (made in a real CROCK). They look and sound like they’ll give you a case of the yum yums. If they are anything like Bubbies fermented pickles, they’ll be gone before you know it. He explains the science behind what he is doing in the video attached to the recipe page of the Food Network website.  The recipe–>

There is a guy (Countercommie) on YouTube who makes pickles in his kitchen. They are fermented, and only take a week. He talks about the temperature they are kept at, and has a neat set of reusable plastic jars for these. Really, I just like it for the jalapenos in the recipe!! Here is that video right now:

The next video is from (Kevin SulaeArts), a man in Idaho who has his own backyard garden. He grows literally all the ingredients, and says fermented pickles are good for digestion, because they add beneficial bacteria to the gut biome. Those with gastritis should still beware as far as I understand. In any case, his accent is real cool, and his garden is beautiful, but to be honest, that pickle recipe looks REAL good too. And it’s just cucumber, garlic, dill, brine, and any edible leaf that will help hold down the mix. You should watch the video here to get the full details.

So happy National Pickle Day, and enjoy all the pickling you’ll be doing into the cold winter months, if you can find the produce.

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