Gift Ideas For Plant Lovers

Happy Bumper-To-Bumper Traffic Season! Take a hot mocha in a travel mug, because it’s gonna get hectic (I’m not usually an enabler, but go ahead, make it 4 shots). Now that you’re awake let’s see if we can’t make this easier on you.

So you have a plant-person to buy for. Plant people are always looking for sunlight. Oh, what’s that? This is a human being who enjoys growing plants? Well I can’t help you there.


1. Pottery ~ From $2 to whatever is in your budget


100% not my photo, and along that theme, this is a cheap gift. Very basic terra cotta runs about $2 for a 6 inch diameter (at the top) pot. You can find beautiful pottery at your local garden center, even at garage and estate sales. People who love plants are ALWAYS looking for containers to grow in. No joke. Know their sensibilities and you can’t go wrong.

2. Needle nose trimmers ~ $15 to very high end

fiskars needlenose trimmers.jpg

Any brand will do. Any person who loves plants needs a set of needle nose garden trimmers. These are already on my list for this year. There is always a tiny twig needing trimming, or a leaf that is turning yellow. And always in such an awkward place! They need to go; you can’t use any old clunky garden sheer, and scissors are a poor substitute.

3. Plants – duh! ~ $5-$20


Go to the nursery, find an area that looks like this. Pick out the most beautiful plant you see. That’s also in your budget. That has a nice flower maybe. That also has a healthy looking set of leaves and offshoots and general plant health. Don’t freak out. They’ll love it. Grab it and start checking off the easy gifts on your list.

4. Books ~ $10 to what your budget allows



Succulents will die if they aren’t completely dry in between watering, orchids require a watering per week and like to dry out a bit as well. Knowledge is power! Gardeners love books, beginners and advanced topics alike. There are so many options! Find them online, at garden centers, any bookstore. Whatever your plant-lover loves or might be interested in beginning. Don’t forget there is more to gardening than just the plants; greenhouses, composting, permaculture, pickling, baking, foraging even! Apiarist. That’s just a fun word.

5. Easy: Seeds! ~ $2 to $10


Alright, it’s safe to say people who enjoy plants also enjoy a little flair in the garden. Choose something edible, or something they can make tea out of, and make sure the plants grow easily in their area. Ask an employee to help you, or search on your phone while you stand in front of the shelves. Most packets will also tell you what parts of the country are best for the plant. Always a solid gift.

6. Root something from your own garden! ~ $ Cost of pottery and soil


If you have a garden, you’re most likely experienced enough to know how to root plants. If not, a simple google search will help. Find a beautiful pot, add the right type of soil mixture and pot it up. Do this ahead of time so the plant can get established, and you have a chance to groom it. Start six months ahead of time, you don’t want to give them the gift just after planting only to have it wilt and die the next day! And another thing – take a bite out of one of the leaves so they know who gave it to them. Dental records will show that you’re a great gift giver.

Happy gift giving!

Note: I am not being paid to feature any of these items. I honestly hope this helps!


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